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Medical Coordinator / Leading Gynecologist

Medical Coordinator / Leading Gynecologist

 Dead line of application

Mar 14, 2020


Target Human Rights Organizations

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 Required position :       Medical Coordinator / Leading Gynecologist

Job requirement


  • Valid Ethiopian ID
  • Medical Doctor with specialization in OBS/GYN or sound work experience in an Operation Room setting (e.g. CS and related emergency OBS operations); Knowledge of tropical medicine is an asset; current registration on the respective professional register of your country of residence
  • Professional experience in a similar clinical setting of at least 2 years; knowledge and experience of international development work is an asset
  • Experience in administration and management or team leadership is an advantage

Personal Skills

  • Command authority and respect through assertiveness, through a sense of diplomacy and sensitivity to cultural differences as well as ability to prioritize and take initiative, even in areas with lesser expertise (proactive work ethos)
  • Proficiency in common computer programmes (MS Word, Excel etc.)
  • Excellent self-motivation and commitment; availability to work flexible times (including evening/night time when required)
  • Precision, punctuality and honesty
  • Knowledge of German, Afar or Arabic language is an asset; excellent command of written and spoken English
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills for optimal patient care are required
  • Commitment to excellence and customer service
  • Willing to work at unsocial work hours and with sudden changes in work schedules 

Job description 

 Hiring is subject to successful acquisition of fund

The medical coordinator / leading gynecologist's main responsibility is the overall patient care for both adult and neonatal patients as well as active participation in clinic management in support of the Clinic Committee and German TARGET Management Board. He/She will collaborate with the national and international nursing colleagues, medical and technical personnel, to deliver the highest possible standards of care and treatment. The position holder works in accordance with the rules and regulations of TARGET.

Duties of this Position

  • Patient care, in particular OR and ER patients as well as support and supervise OBS/GYN patient care when necessary or requested by local staff
  • Coordinate the OR and direct pharmaceutical and laboratory supply chain incl. supervision
  • Actively participate and take responsibility for monitoring and reporting of medical and overall clinic activities
  • Supervise clinic-based medical staff together with nursing director (national staff and international volunteers); supervise and control all subordinated staff incl. nursing director
  • Manage staff (day to day activities, working hours, overtime, holiday and presence planning etc.) and evaluate staff, encouraging effective team work and providing supervision and guidance (in cooperation with nursing director and Clinic Committee)
  • Actively take part in the work of the Clinic Committee as Medical Coordinator, to progress and shape the clinic's operation, esp. in regards to FGM
  • Mentor, coach and supervise national medical staff of the clinic in cooperation with incoming international medical volunteers, this includes on-the-job trainings; assist with orientation of new staff and volunteers; this includes on-the-job trainings
  • Support German TARGET Management Board in sensitization activities for the population, e.g. on FGM
  • Ensure that apart from patient care also cross-cutting theme 'FGM' is fully integrated by training, monitoring and supervising clinic staff in screening, counseling and treatment of FGM patients (training material and FGM awareness based on TARGET and WHO guidelines that need further strong input and shaping), as well as participating in meetings with regional stakeholders
  • Assist the German and Ethiopian Management in staff resource planning: job descriptions, recruitment, induction and training for all medical staff and international volunteers as appropriate; optimizing the clinic operations, policies etc.
  • Willingness to assume responsibility for medical decisions as the leading doctor of the clinic, incl. clinic-licensee of the clinic in Ethiopia incl. all related tasks
  • Translating Local Language to English for international staff as requested
  • Ensure safety for patients and colleagues
  • Participating in any duties involved with the care of patients, and the smooth running of the clinic and project implementation, which are not specifically laid down in the document or any duties you may be required to carry out as requested by German senior medical personal, project or country coordinator.

Department/Project/Duty Station/Country

  • TARGET Higher Obstetrics Speciality Clinic in Afar Region, Ethiopia

Place of Work

  • Farras Dagge, Ethiopia

Type of Employment

  • Staff

Salary Basis

  • Monthly


  • CEO/Project Coordinator of the TARGET Higher Obstetrics Speciality Clinic in Afar Region, Ethiopia

Subordinated Positions

  • Anesthetist, Laboratory Technician, Pharmacist, Clinic Receptionist, Nursing Director

Subjection to Directives

  • The Medical Coordinator / Leading Gynecologist is bound by instructions from CEO/Project Coordinator of the TARGET Higher Obstetrics Speciality Clinic in Afar Region, Ethiopia

Supervisory Directives

  • Nurses and Midwives

Experience ​

​Total 1-5 years


Full time 


As per company scale

How to apply? 

 Interested and qualified applicants can send their CVs to the following email :

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


አይ.ኤም.ኤፍ ኮሮና ቫይረስን ለመዋጋት የ50 ቢሊየን ዶላር ድጋፍ አደረገ::
job for MD Gynecologist​/ Integrated Emergency Sur...

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